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Meet our heroes: Extra Life Gamer Andrew Trexler

Meet Andrew Texler, 33, of The Gearbox Union gaming team. This is Andrew’s third year of playing games and healing kids for Extra Life and his favorite game is Sins of a Solar Empire. He is most looking forward to playing Dungeons and Dragons on game day.

Check out Andrew’s why:
“I want to start by saying, not I nor anyone I know has been treated by Geisinger. I say this so that you understand that my reason is not one of emotional bias.
Early in my career I worked as a 3D printing engineer. One of our company’s potential clients was Geisinger. I had no idea what to expect, and I was blown away.
In the meeting, there was obviously a lot of technical talk. Geisinger was starting to adopt 3D printing as a way to enhance personalized patient care. Let me repeat this. They were not looking at 3D printing as a research tool or a fun new technology to play with. When every other company in the medical industry was talking about researching future applications of 3D printing, Geisinger was talking about leveraging the technology to help PEOPLE!!!
Every question that came out of their 3D imaging department was guided by, how does this help my patient.
Normal meetings like this are about return on investment, material properties, disposal of chemicals, and safety.
I remember one employee was very passionate and made sure that the conversation was always governed by, ‘Does this enhance our ability to care for the person?’
At Geisinger, you’re not a number, you’re not a patient, you are a person! That mentality runs through every single one of their employees even the ones you will never see.
Geisinger cares about the person!”

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