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Wear a mask to protect kids like Carter

The Mattucci family from Mt. Carmel understands the importance of masking. Their son, past Miracle Kid Carter, depends on the public masking to protect him.
“We fully believe the medical evidence that supports the benefits of wearing a mask in public,” says Heather Mattuci. “For years, my husband (Danny) has been required to wear a mask in the operating room to keep his patients safe, and now the general population must do the same to keep each other safe.
This is especially important to Carter. Because of the anatomy of Carter’s heart and lungs due to his severe congenital heart defect, he is more susceptible to having complications due to COVID 19. We deeply appreciate each and every person who places the well being of kids like Carter before their own personal comfort. Despite his already lower-than-average oxygen levels and moderate asthma, Carter proudly and safely wears a mask in public to keep others even more vulnerable than he is, safe as well.”