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Taking Care of Our Forests and Our Kids!

The mission of the Northern Tier Hardwood Association (NTHA) is to promote long term economic development in the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania through forest management, education, improved manufacturing methods and so much more.

When the members of NTHA aren’t out advocating and protecting our forests, they are doing what they can to keep local kids safe and healthy! In May, NTHA hosted a sporting clay shoot at Rock Mountain Sporting Clays in Montrose, Pa. Planning an event is not any easy task, but their member’s hard work paid off and they were able to donate $2,200 to the kids at Geisinger!

We are so appreciative of our partnership with NTHA. If you are interested in learning more about what the Northern Tier Hardwood Association does for Pennsylvania forests, please visit their website here.

Shelby Chorba
Program Manager
Northern Tier Hardwood Association