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Meet Our Heroes: Extra Life Gamer Jodi Eberhart

Jodi Eberhart, 34, has been involved with Extra Life for 4 years. Her favorite games are Power Grid, 5 Tribes, Jackbox Party Pack and Catan. She can’t wait to play JackBox Party Pack with her friends at The Gearbox Union‘s Extra Life Game Day this Saturday at 201 Cayuga Avenue, Altoona (behind Fiore Furniture).
What is Jodi’s why?
“This is a win-win for me. There is no better joy than knowing you are helping sick kids and their families when they are going through such a tough time,” she says. “And I get to do something I love (playing games) while doing that!”

Join the The Gearbox Union from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday. Check out there page for more details.

Make a donation to Jodi’s fundraising goal.