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Life Flight celebrates 40th anniversary at Geisinger

In celebration of Geisinger Life Flight’s 40th anniversary, Children’s Miracle Network at Geisinger will feature a few of the amazing people that work for the team.
Today we learn a little more about Robin Dekoning, Team Coordinator for Life Flight 2 in State College.
Hometown: Barnesboro (now called Northern Cambria)
College/school attended: Altoona Hospital School of Nursing, Mount Aloysius for my BSN and Regis University for my MSN
Family: Husband Chris, step-son, Cody (lab Ava, German Shepard, Kona)
Favorite food: Seafood & Italian
Favorite book: When Bad Things Happen to Good People
Favorite movie: Bohemian Rhapsody
Favorite game: Football
Favorite TV show: Top Chef
When you aren’t working, how do you like to spend your time?
Kayaking, riding with my husband on his motorcycle, spin class and walks with the dogs.
What made you want to be involved with Life Flight?
Ever since I was a young girl, I told my mom I wanted to “be a nurse and fly in the helicopter.” I worked diligently to obtain all the certifications required for the job. I worked as a pre-hospital nurse on several local ambulances. I got my pre hospital registered nurse certification in 1988, and I worked as a RN in a local emergency department from 1986 until I got hired at Life Flight in 1996. I continued to work in the ED until 2012 as a flex employee. I started part time as a Flight Nurse at Life Flight 2 in State College in 1996 and then took a full-time position in 1997.
What is your favorite part of what you do?
Caring for patients and making a positive impact on them during their illness or injuries. I feel very blessed to work for Life Flight and love my job.
How have donations to Children’s Miracle Network at Geisinger helped in allowing you to perform your job?
We utilize incubators for Neontal Intensive Care Unit transports. Donations have been used to help us purchase new incubators to be able to transport newborn babies.