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Funds provide new ultrasound equipment for pediatric cardiology

When it comes to taking care of sick children, having the most state-of-the-art equipment is paramount. With that in mind, Children’s Miracle Network at Geisinger has committed to help Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Cardiology Department upgrade echocardiogram machines during past years.

“The new machines enhance our ability to diagnose and manage our patients,” said Robert Mangano, M.D., Director of Pediatric Cardiology. “The imaging quality is advanced, providing clearer images, even in difficult to image patients.”

With improved analysis software, ergonomics and design, the new equipment allows for quicker testing and study time, especially helpful when examining crying babies.

“We can analyze more on these new machines and they tell us more about the heart. We can get answers more quickly, something parents like,” Dr. Mangano said. “It can also be easily moved, allowing us to get to patient rooms.”

The ticket price for these new machines is nearly $300,000 each, making Children’s Miracle Network at Geisinger funding critical.

“These are state-of-the-art machines that will make diagnosis of our youngest patients more advanced and efficient,” Dr. Mangano said.  “Children’s Miracle Network helps us help the kids and does it second to none!”