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Child Life Month feature: Kristina Brunn

In 2010, the Child Life Department expanded beyond the walls of Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital and into the pediatrics unit at Geisinger Wyoming Valley. The Child Life Specialist provided services for the in-patient pediatric unit and provided assistance to other areas such as the sedation team, gastroenterology and radiology. In 2012, Kristina Brunn moved into the CCLS position at GWV.

Today we learn more about Kristina.

Hometown: Anaheim Hills, California

College: California State University, Fullerton

Family: Husband, Ed. Kids: Parker 9, Jack 8, Madison 6, Belle 5, Amelia 2, Reid 1

Favorite food: My mom’s tacos

Favorite superhero:  Spiderman

Favorite book: The Orphan’s Tale

Favorite movie: The Fugitive

Favorite game: Telestrations

Favorite TV show:  “Anything on Bravo. I love reality TV.”

When you aren’t working, how do you like to spend your time?
“I love to bake bread or cook. When I have alone time, it’s usually in the kitchen.”

Special talent or stupid human trick you may possess?
“I can do any kind of braid. I have four girls and they hate their hair braided but they still let me everyone once in a while.” 😊

What made you want to be involved with the Child Life Department?
“I wanted to be a part of a child life department that would allow me to be an active member. I liked that team aspect that our team displayed. We all have different levels of experience and expertise. Each makes us all a valued team member.”

What is your favorite part of what you do? 
“The kids. I love a child’s perspective. They are honest, funny and always keep you guessing. I love their view of the world.”

Tell me a unique story that was very touching for you personally while performing your job?
“When I was working with a family experiencing the loss of a family member, I worked with a young child to help her grieving process. I gave her a teddy bear when I was working with her. She named her teddy bear after me. It was my first year working here and it’s always been a fond memory.”

How do donations to Children’s Miracle Network at Geisinger help you in your job? 
“CMN donations affect my job daily. It’s a vital part of running the child life program for GWV. Today I used a bubble blower with my patient getting an IV. Yesterday I used flavor extracts to scent a mask for a patient having anesthesia. Both of those items were purchased with donations.”