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Child Life month feature: CCLS Haley Poole

Throughout March we have celebrated Child Life Month and the 40th anniversary of the Child Life program at Geisinger. Today we feature Certified Child Life Specialist Haley Poole, who joined the team in November 2019.

Title:  Certified Child Life Specialist 3rd floor Medical Surgical Unit at Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital.

Hometown: Longview, TX

College: University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Favorite food: “I love Thai food and apple pie.”

Favorite Disney Character: Mary Poppins

Favorite book: The Wind in the Willows

Favorite movie: While You Were Sleeping

Favorite game: Rummy

Favorite TV show:  Gilmore Girls

When you aren’t working, how do you like to spend your time?
“I enjoy spending time with my two rescue pups, cooking, having family game nights, and bonfires with friends.”

What is the last text you sent?
“Can winter be over yet???”

What made you want to be involved with the Child Life Department?
“I knew this team was the right fit after meeting the individuals that make up the Child Life Department and seeing their commitment to providing quality care.”

What is your favorite part of what you do?
“Having the opportunity to see a patient succeed and overcome their fears.”

Tell a story about something that was very touching for you personally while performing your job?
“I recently had a patient who was unable to express their needs and concerns verbally due to communication barriers. I took time to work on alternative communication methods with the patient and educated staff on the patient’s preferred coping mechanisms. Following this admission, the patient’s family reached out to me and thanked me for being a voice for the patient. Knowing I made a small difference in their stay was extremely rewarding.”

How have donations to Children’s Miracle Network at Geisinger helped you to perform your job?
“With donations, patients have increased access to normalizing activities because of our ability to stock playrooms with developmentally appropriate toys, games and craft supplies. Donations have also helped to provide the chance for patients on my unit to have access to additional resources including tools for pill swallowing, procedural preparation and diagnosis education. I am thankful that this funding offers me the opportunity to find new ways to support patients and their families on a daily basis.”