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Extra Life gamer raises $2,300 during weekend stream

Over the weekend, Extra Life Gamer and Gearbox Union member Blair London of Pittsburgh started her regular live streaming event while gaming with a few friends. In just a few hours, Blair was shocked to find that she was able to raise $2,300 for Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital.

London, who streams her video game play online to encourage followers to watch and interact with her as she plays, routinely does live streams and uses the platform to raise money and create challenges when she reaches fundraising goals. She reached her first fundraising goal within minutes.

“When I went live, I received a $65 donation which, as part of my donation incentives, prompts a dance party in a raccoon costume,” London said.

As she hurried to get dressed and picked a song to dance to, her viewers started spreading the word about her stream and her viewership grew from 10 viewers to more than 40 and her donations did as well. She did her dance and thanked everyone for donating and bigger donations started coming in.

“People started donating $50 to $100 each and I just kept thanking them over and over and talking to them about the importance of Extra Life and how children’s hospitals use the money,” London said. “This spurred a chain reaction of more and more donations. I took a quick water break and came back to see that my donations were at $1,300! I just kept thanking everyone, not even attempting to hide my happy tears.”

London continued to create milestones for the stream and continued to surpass them. She ended the two-hour session raising $2,300 for Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital.

She has now set a milestone of raising $5,000 and has agreed to receive an Extra Life tattoo if she reaches that goal!

“I say in my chat often that $1 really does make a difference, but so does supporting those gamers who stream for Extra Life,” she said. “Spreading their Extra Life page, tuning into their streams, keeping them company while they game and just spreading the word about Extra Life is the biggest help you can give For Da Kids!”

Make a donation to help London reach her goal.

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